Call (03) 9391 9761
Call (03) 9391 9761

Thank you for your concise and expert assistance with my queries this morning, and, may I also say thank you for your patience.

Also please pass on my thanks to the gents that assisted me ' yesterday with picking up the boxes of parts. They made a tough job easy and it's best service i've had from a cargo centre.

We have started receiving the new 2 layer high cup pallet configuration, (originally 3 high).

To the guys in Melb tks for your great support on this it is great to see positive outcomes and cost savings.

This saves 25% on transport , labour , storage and minimises risk of injury for employees unloading these.

Thanks again guys fantastic.

Just a quick email to say thankyou very much for looking after our client yesterday. He was very impressed with your service!

The guys doing the steam clean were very helpful (and still thorough), and the reception team were very polite and helpful as usual. Is it ok to leave a little box of crownies at reception for the team

I've just had a driver here to collect the balance of TGS freight who made the following comment:

I have had my own transport company for years and have delivered and collected from many different companies.

I just want to say I have never met such a helpful and courteous person, no swearing which is a nice change.

Ladies you never cease to amaze me!  Thanks you so much for all your help with these two containers.

And the container for Greg’s shop that was fantastic – when the pressure is on you ladies really hold it all together.

Thanks again!

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