Call (03) 9391 9761
Call (03) 9391 9761

Leaders in Fumigation since 1983!

At CFS we use the Nordiko Scrubbing System for fumigating cargo, reducing the risk of toxic gas emissions and ensuring best practice in occupational health and safety and the environment. Temperature control minimizes gas usage and recapture virtually eliminates residual gas emissions.

CFS is familiar with the specific requirements of Australia's various trading partners. Forwarding companies and transporters depend on CFS to treat a range of export goods, both loose and containerized.

For our Organic partners….We use CO2 the fumigant of the future!

Specializing in: 

  • Fruit bound for interstate
  • Cotton, flowers, bulbs and seeds, grain, fruit, vegetables, nuts, flour and tobacco.
  • Fumigation and Steam Cleaning of road transport vehicles and tyres.
  • Borer treatment of antiques furniture for a range of dealers and auctioneers
  • Rural treatments of freshly harvested crops (fumigated onsite in bunkers and grain silos), animal fodders and farm machinery

Our Container Fumigation Services team is trained to ensure all work is completed to the highest standard.

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Call (03) 9391 9761

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