Call (03) 9391 9761
Call (03) 9391 9761

We provide prompt snake removal services in all Melbourne Suburbs.

For all Snake Removal please call us urgently on 03 9391 9761.

At CFS our fully qualified staff are experts in snake handling and removal.

There are a variety of snakes living among us, some are venomous and others are virtually harmless to humans and pets.

During the summer snakes are more active as they are cold-blooded reptiles.

Searing temperatures in October have stimulated snake activity across Melbourne, with two tiger snakes being removed from St Kilda beach as dogs and their owners swam in the waves.

Snakes can roam over a very large area, up to 5 hectares and the main reason a snake will be in your area is a food source or shelter. They are very fond of water so be mindful if you have a pool or pond or walk near the beach, rivers and lakes.

Pets are most at risk and vets have been kept busy with dozens of snakebites. Pets have been bitten in backyards in several suburbs, including Altona, Melton, Point Cook, Wyndham Vale, Romsey, Werribee, Williamstown and Sunshine.

We understand the aspects of handling and capturing of wild venomous snakes, including dangerous Victorian snakes and husbandry. All animals should be treated with care and respect: Snakes are a natural part of the ecosystem and play a part in keeping things in balance.

It is important that they are captured and removed, safely and legally. We adhere to all protocols, ensuring correct transportation and accurate record keeping.

Ensure your family and pets are safe this summer!

For all Snake Removal call us on 9391 9761. Available 24/7.

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